Blackeri is the pseudonym of Polish artist Marta Dahlig.

The Seven Deadly Sins series refers to her popular digital art paintings, which are some of the most popular artworks on the large art community deviantART, and have also appeared on other art websites. The works are based on the Seven deadly sins. All of the works show a female figure in the foreground, and a circular design in the background with a repeating motif. Each one has a single colour which is prominent in the picture. So far, works based on five of the sins have been produced - Vanity (pride), lust, envy, avarice (greed) and sloth, with only wrath and gluttony not completed yet. The series was made in Painter and Photoshop

As of January 2006, four of the works in the series all appeared in the most popular 24 works out of any artwork on the entire DeviantART site, organised by favourites. [1] The Seven Deadly Sins: VANITY was the third most popular on the site with more than 11,000 personal favourites and having received 170,000 views. Avarice was selected as the "Daily Deviation" on 27 September 2005, a daily award on the site. Blackeri's userpage on deviantART has received more than 750,000 pageviews.

The series has also received many views on art site gfxartist, located here: envy, vanity, avarice sloth and lust They are also located on the shadowness site here.

Seven Deadly Sins series
Title (dA link) Color Motif Date Favourites (dA) Views (dA) Views (gfx) Comments (dA)
Vanity [2] violet peacock Dec 2004 11,000 170,000 36,000 2,000
Envy [3] green poison ivy Jan 2005 7,000 120,000 11,000 1,200
Lust [4] red flame Mar 2005 7,600 200,000 10,000 1,500
Avarice [5] yellow diamond Aug 2005 5,900 117,000 8,700 1,200
Sloth [6] blue feather Nov 2005 4,900 50,000 5,000 1,200
Total 36,400 657,000 70,000 7,100

Note: the table above uses round figures because of the likely changing nature of such figures

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